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The Unicharger products are suitable for the care and the maintenance of batteries for all kind of vehicles (cars, scooters, motorcycles, boats, caravans, etc.)
What is the battery charger/maintainer used for?
UNICHARGER is used for charging and maintaining any type of batteries. When you buy a new battery, this kind of device is indispensable, especially if you don’t use the battery for a long period.During these periods, the battery doesn’t receive the normal recharge that it should have if the vehicle is normally used, so the battery needs to be maintained always charged to survive.
How does the battery charger/maintainer work?
To use UNICHARGER you only need to connect the device to a normal electric plug, then connect the UNICHARGER clamps to the battery terminals. Thanks to the charge maintainer function, the battery can remain connected to the charger. The device switches on and off automatically, maintaining the highest level of charge and ensuring a longer battery life.
Which type of batteries can be recharged?
All UNICHARGER products are designed to be used for all types of batteries: sealed, MF, gel, lead, acid, etc irrespective of the voltage and the amperage.
Which are the 9 charging stages ?
  • 1 QUALIFICATION PHASE: Before starting the charging process, check battery is in good condition. Charging won't start if battery voltage is lower than 1.5V.
  • 2 BATTERY RECOVERY PHASE: starts if battery voltage rises unusually high in the very first part of the re-charge cycle.
  • 3 SOFT START PHASE: It starts if the previous phase has been accomplished successfully: current is delivered slowly to recover the battery.
  • 4 PULSE MODE PHASE: It starts when a low level is detected at the beginning of the charging process.
  • 5 RECONDITION PHASE: It helps to “re-activate” the battery plates.
  • 6 BULK CHARGE PHASE: During this phase the battery gets a constant current taking the battery up to 80% of its capacity.
  • 7 ABSORPTION PHASE: The battery is given a constant voltage while the charge current is gradually reduced until the battery is 100% charged.
  • 8 CHECK PHASE: Voltage is checked and kept constant to prevent battery be damaged. If it doesn’t happen the battery is demaged.
  • 9 MAINTENANCE PHASE: Charge level is being kept constant in order to grant the battery efficiency at any moment.